How big should an alpaca paddock be?

The size of the enclosure for alpacas

There are no specific conditions regarding the size of the alpacas' enclosure. The most important thing is that alpacas always have fresh pasture. Naturally, if the pasture is too small, the alpacas will eat grass and plants and carve the pasture to the ground. That's why, at Heaven Alpacas, we've divided our pasture into sectors. We rotate these sectors so that the grass on each pasture can grow calmly. We change the pasture of our alpacas every month. Of course, alpacas like space and they like to run, so the bigger the pasture, the better. It is assumed that in order for alpacas to live comfortably, 10-15 pieces are placed per hectare. In Heaven Alpacas, we have 28 Alpacas, which have 2 hectares of land at their disposal.


We have built roofed shelters in our meadows so that our alpacas can hide in the shade on hot days. These shelters are also equipped with waterholes and have containers that are replenished with food every day. Such a shelter can also be shade from under large trees. The shelter is mainly intended to protect alpacas from overheating and against heavy rains damaging the fleece.


It is assumed that alpacas do not need buildings such as a barn or a cowshed. They are perfectly adapted to spending most of the time outdoors. However, if someone wants to build such a building, the dimensions for one alpaca are 2.5 x 2.5 m.

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